NWAV40 Plenaries available to download

The NWAV40 plenary speakers have kindly made their remarks available. Download the talks here: Penny Eckert, Greg Guy's introduction of William Labov, William Labov, Dennis Preston, Gillan Sankoff, Walt Wolfram, and Roger Shuy.

A Message from the Organizers

Thank you to all who attended this year's anniversary edition of NWAV!

Thank you to all paper and poster presenters who made NWAV40 intellectually exciting and challenging.

Big thanks also to our plenary speakers, Deborah Schiffrin and William Labov, and the All-Star Plenary Panel (Roger Shuy, Ralph Fasold, Gillian Sankoff, Penelope Eckert, Walt Wolfram, Dennis Preston, and discussant John Rickford) for a once-in-a-lifetime event for our community!

We look forward to seeing you all next year, at NWAV41 hosted by Indiana University, Bloomington.

All the best,
The NWAV40 Organizing Committee

Announcing the Best Student Paper and Poster winners!

We are pleased to announce the winners and runners-up for the Paper and Poster prizes:

Best Student Paper Prize

1. Anita Szakay, Molly Babel, and Jeanette King. Sociophonetic markers facilitate translation priming: Maori English GOAT - a different kind of animal.
The winners will receive a $300 prize.
2 (tie). Josef Fruehwald and Laurel Mackenzie. New results from hierarchical models of the community grammar.
2 (tie). Katherine Hilton. "I mean, he's like really into me": Using like to minimize face threatening acts.
4. Katie Carmichael. "Up the Bayou-Down the Bayou Syndrome": Patterning of Cajun French substrate features in the performance of Boudreaux and Thibodeaux jokes.
5 (tie). Sinae Lee. High and mid back vowel fronting in Washington, DC metropolitan area.
5 (tie). Hilary Prichard and Meredith Tamminga. The impact of higher education on local phonology.

Best Student Poster Prize

1. Daniel Hasty, Ashley Hesson, Suzanne Wagner, and Robert Lannon. Finding needles in the right haystack: Double modals in medical consultations.
The winners will receive a $200 prize.
2. Lisa Jeon. Drawing boundaries and revealing language attitudes: The relationship of language and place in Korea.
3. Rebecca Starr. The influence of teacher and classmate variation on language acquisition in dual-language immersion classrooms.